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On February 18, Albert Borisovich Popov, one of the Laboratory’s veterans, turned 90 years old

He celebrated this wonderful anniversary with his family and colleagues from FLNP. He also received numerous congratulations from his foreign colleagues.

It is significant that one of his works (A.B.Popov, I.I.Shelontsev, N.Yu.Shirikov “Calculation of parameters of neutron resonances”, JINR Communications, 3-9742, Dubna, 1976) is still relevant and very valuable. It was precisely the technique proposed by Albert Borisovich and his colleagues almost 50 years ago that was used by researchers from the neutron nuclear physics group at IREN to measure the resolution function of the IREN facility.

On behalf of FLNP Directorate and the entire team of the Laboratory, we congratulate Albert Borisovich on his 90th birthday and wish him good health and long life!