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1956 - establishment of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research;
1957 - establishment of the Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics 23 June;
1960 - launch of the IBR high-flux pulsed reactor;
1965 - launch of the electrostatic accelerator (ESA) EG-5 based on the Van de Graaff generator August 1968 - completion of IBR 10 June;
1969 - putting into operation of an improved analogue of IBR - IBR-30;
1978 - physical start-up of a new reactor with a design capacity of 4 MW called IBR-2;
1981 - commissioning of the sodium cooling system of the IBR-2 reactor that has been operating successfully and constantly to date - both during the operation of the reactor and at other times;
1992 - the concept of a new source was formulated that received the name IREN (Intense Resonance Neutron Source);
2001 - IBR-30 was decommissioned to be later replaced by a booster with a significantly shorter pulse;
March 2009 - physical launch of the IREN facility (Intense Resonance Neutron Source).

Regulations on the Laboratory

History of the FLNP until July 14, 2004 [pdf in Russian]