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The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics offers a wide range of complementary methods for structural research and elemental analysis, among which neutron techniques are essentially focused on. Improvement of the User Club programme, openness to working with colleagues from related fields of science and flexible formats of work with industrial partners are the basis of our approach

The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics is interested in expanding the community of researchers from various fields of science and technology, as well as the circle of industrial partners that carry out experiments using neutron beams of the IBR-2 high flux pulsed reactor and a wide range of complementary research methods available at FLNP.

The beam time required for the implementation of scientific experiments is obtained via submission and examination of applications on the User Club portal. The selection of applications in accordance with the relevance and level of the proposed experiments, as well as the validity of using neutrons in them, is carried out by 4 independent international expert committees in the following areas:

  • Atomic and Magnetic Structure;
  • Lattice and Molecular Dynamics;
  • Nanosystems and Soft Matter;
  • Neutron Activation Analysis.

Work performed at the IBR-2 research reactor at FLNP

Neutron diagnostics of nuclear reactor surveillance specimens

Neutron scattering helps in developing burn wound dressings with desired properties

Authors of USPEX from SKOLTECH on a visit to FLNP. New superconducting hydrides: predict, synthesize, and study

Neutron scattering, membrane biophysics, and Alzheimer's

Galfenol: studies of alloys for «energy harvesting»

Preserving history captured in granite

Neutrons reveal secrets of shape memory alloys

Fullerenes in the fight against amyloids: under scrutiny of neutrons

Magnetic textiles for biocatalysis. Neutron investigations help to explain the structural features of a complex nanocomposite material.

Statistics of works performed at IBR-2M reactor facilities



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If you have got an interesting scientific task but this is your first experience of using neutron techniques and you encounter difficulties when preparing an application, our specialists are ready to work out the configuration of the experiment with you, clarify the problem statement and in the future help with processing of results. We are also ready to discuss the possibility of a test experiment as required.

The efficiency of neutron techniques is manifested not only in scientific research, but also in solving application tasks, problems faced by the real sector in various fields, such as new materials, aerospace technologies, catalysis, electronics, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, the chemical industry and agriculture.

FLNP is ready to offer various formats for working with industrial partners, including obtainment of beam time for experiments carried out with partner research institutes; implementation of custom experiments on a paid basis; joint research projects. At the stage of discussing the experimental setup, we are ready to provide consultations with the world's leading experts, to perform and process and discuss the results of test experiments with the partner's specialists which allow us to evaluate the relevance of the information provided in them.

At the Laboratory of Neutron Physics, the user program annually makes it possible for more than a hundred scientists from JINR and other scientific centers to conduct their experiment on the unique complex of spectrometers of the IBR-2 reactor.