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Facility projects

The Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics has a long-standing history in advancing the nuclear-based experimental techniques for the basic and applied research. Over the years it was possible thanks to the many successful projects that has flourished in the past or continue to contribute to the life of laboratory in the presence. Furthermore, there are other facility projects that are yet to bring new capabilities.

The continuation of the unique competencies along the lines of pulsed reactors is foreseen in the ambitious project of constructing the Dubna Neutron Source of the fourth generation DNS IV. It is benefitting from the legacy accumulated in the laboratory while utilizing the previous pulsed reactors, the accompanied instrumental basis, and research approaches developed therein. At the same time, however, the project attacks the premium position on the world landscape of neutron sources in the future by targeting the highest flow densities of neutrons.

The development of the complex of spectrometers surrounding the neutron source is represented currently by the project SANSARA. This advanced small-angle neutron scattering instrument aims to expand the laboratory’s small-angle scattering capacity. In addition, the instrument design will allow to perform neutron radiography measurements, as a highly desirable technique in the material research recently.

The investigations of dynamic properties of materials on the molecular levels will be strengthened by constructing a new inverse-geometry inelastic neutron scattering spectrometer BJN. The design optimization together with the state-of-the-art neutron optics and detector systems predict a modern experimental instrument that will surge the quality and quantity of inelastic neutron scattering experiments.