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On March 22, 2024, on a black day for our country, the life of our young and talented colleague Lyuba Truntova was tragically cut short...

Farewell to Lyuba Truntova will take place on Wednesday, March 27 at the Sergiev-Demidovskoye cemetery at 14.20.

Truntova Lyubov Alexandrovna
(30.09.1992 – 22.03.2024)

On March 22, 2024, on a black day for our country, the life of our young and talented colleague Lyuba Truntova was tragically cut short... She, along with more than a hundred of our innocent fellow citizens, fell victim to criminal, bloody fanaticism and senseless cruelty! Her whole life was open to her, with a future of happy motherhood, love and harmony in the family, and creative work in science. But the terrible and criminal evil will of international terrorists interrupted her life in her prime…
Lyubov A. Truntova was born in Dubna, graduated from gymnasium in 2009, then from the National Research University of Electronic Technology (MIET) with a degree in Software for Computer Engineering and Automated Systems, and in December 2015, she began working in the FLNP Department of Complex of IBR-2 Spectrometers. Thanks to her initiative and hard work, Lyuba in a short time became a highly qualified specialist, one of the leading software developers of the IT group. She significantly redesigned the data visualization program, considerably reducing the amount of code and increasing the speed of its operation. She prepared a methodology for working with the GitLab version control system and helped other members of the group to master it.
Lyubov’s high working qualities allowed her to be entrusted with the responsible work of connecting spectrometers to the FLNP central repository of experimental data with administrator powers. She successfully coped with this task as well. Lyuba is a co-author of four scientific publications, the results of which were presented at various conferences and reflected in two certificates of state registration of the programs she designed. The beginning of her scientific and pedagogical activity was also promising. In the autumn semester of 2023, she prepared and taught the course “Introduction to Python” for students at the UC JINR.
Lyuba was an extraordinary person. Modest by nature, she actually had enormous intellectual potential, which gradually revealed itself and shone with new facets. Lyuba always actively responded to her colleagues’ requests for help, and often her advice and participation were decisive.
The life of Lyubov Truntova was tragically cut short in the prime of her creative powers; she died along with many victims of this criminal and inhuman terrorist act. The whole of Russia mourns the innocent victims together with us. The memory of them, the memory of our dear Lyuba, will remain in our hearts forever! We will miss our young, talented and beautiful Lyuba, whose life was meanly and senselessly taken away by fanatical criminals indifferent to the fate of people...
We express our deepest condolences to Lyuba’s family and friends, and want to assure them that they can always count on our help.

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