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Investigation of cosmic matter using nuclear physics methods

As a result of the investigation and consolidation of materials on advanced and fossil cosmic dust, as well as on ancient terrestrial objects and advanced extremophile organisms, data on the forms of ancient terrestrial and extraterrestrial life will be obtained.

V.N. Shvetsov


I. Zinkovskaya, M.V. Frontasyeva


E. A. Krasavin, A. Yu. Rozanov, R. Saladino, A. K. Ryumin, A. N. Afanasyeva, M. I. Kapralov, E. A. Saprykin, V. A. Tselmovich


Expected results upon completion of the stages of a theme or a project

  1. Obtaining new data on the amount of cosmic matter falling on the entire surface of the Earth. Obtaining data on the dynamics of cosmic dust fallout over large areas.
  2. Determination of the parameters of particles of extraterrestrial origin: morphology, structure, size distribution, elemental, isotopic and mineralogical composition of particles. Determination of changes in these characteristics in different tablets at various time intervals.
  3. Creating a collection of cosmic dust. The dust microparticles in the following collection will be characterized in concentration and size distribution.
  4. Obtaining further evidence on the role of microorganisms in the development and evolution of life on Earth, in the processes of weathering, sedimentation and other processes.
  5. Investigation of the synthesis of complex prebiotic compounds from formamide under the ionizing radiation of different quality involving meteorites as catalysts.
  6. Consolidation of the obtained data on the forms of ancient terrestrial and, possibly, extraterrestrial life.