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"Some aspects of thermophysical calculations of fuel rods and fuel assemblies using the example of the NEPTUNЕ reactor", Podlesnyy M.M.

Тип события: Seminar of the SNSCM
Тип события (для фильтра): Лабораторные семинары

Seminar of the SNSCM

04-05-2024 11:00 Conference hall (bldg. 119, 3rd floor)

Since 2021, the scientific group of a new neutron source has been conducting thermophysical calculations of the reactor core of pulsed reactors. Methodological work has been done to determine the temperature fields in fuel elements, using which the mechanical deformations of fuel rods of various designs are determined. It was discovered the phenomenon of dynamic bending of fuel rods, which plays a significant role in assessing the stable operation of pulsed reactors.
In the report, the author updates the current results and formulates the direction of future thermohydraulic research in fuel assemblies in order to study their deformations.