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Seminar LIT "Methodology and software for connecting high-performance computing resources to a distributed system for processing scientific data under the control of PanDA WMS" D.A. Oleinik (based on Ph.D. thesis)

Тип события: MLIT seminar
Тип события (для фильтра): Общеинститутские семинары

MLIT seminar

06-23-2021 15:00 MLIT conference hall and online

The seminar will present the results of research and development carried out by the applicant in the framework of the BigPanDA project. A technique for connecting high-performance computing centers (supercomputers) to distributed high-throughput systems for processing scientific data is described. The implementation of this technique is shown both in the form of a prototype and a full-featured software package within the framework of the PanDA load management system (PanDA WMS). On the basis of the research, recommendations were formulated for organizing high-throughput data processing on infrastructures focused on high-performance computing, and the possibility of increasing the efficiency of using high-performance computing centers was demonstrated.

Information about the seminar and a link to join are available at Indico: