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"Numerical solution of the Cauchy problem based on the method of basic elements" N.D. Dikusar

Тип события: LIT seminar
Тип события (для фильтра): Общеинститутские семинары

LIT seminar

06-03-2021 15:00 LIT conference hall and online

An explicit method for the numerical solution of the initial Cauchy problem for ordinary differential equations according to the `predictor-corrector` scheme based on two polynomials of the fifth degree in the form of basic elements (MBE-polynomials) has been developed. To calculate the coefficients, the values of the function and its first derivative at the grid nodes with the settings h and K are used. The method has the fifth order of accuracy with double access to the right side. It is shown that the error of the method is not worse than the errors of the popular classical methods of Runge-Kutta of the fourth order, Adams-Bashfort and Felberg of the fifth order. The stability of the method in calculations with an extremely fine grid step h=10-17, 10-15 makes it promising in terms of solving hard problems.

Information about the seminar and a link to join are available at Indico: